Robot Sophia to be powered by Singularity Net!

What happens, when you bring two disruptive technologies like #Blockchain and #AI together? Well, Ben Goertzel came up with #SingularityNet, a self-organizing cloud-based AI network - a decentralized and coordinated market for open AI. Anyone who wants to contribute AI, loads the AI in the cloud-based AI network and receives network payment tokens in exchange. Anyone who needs AI services can put a request into the self-organizing network of AIs and use AI as-a-service. AI nodes can automatically collaborate and pay each other with AGI (Artificial General Intelligence Tokens). This way robots like #Sophia from Hanson Robotics can benefit from shared AI and get smarter and smarter. The same #SingularityNet aims to serve not only robots but also other AI applications like #SmartHomes or #SmartCities. The Alpha-Version is supposed to be available in 2018.

See here Ben's presentation from the World Blockchain Forum which he shared with us at Mettā that day:



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