Supporting Siemens Ltd. Hong Kong in driving IoT Innovations and Smart City Development at MindSpher

Today I had the honour to support Siemens Ltd. in Hong Kong at their Innovation Day 2018 in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks. The aim of this high profile conference was to "explore future actions to create synergy in Hong Kong" and "showcase innovations like artificial intelligence, internet of things, data analytics, blockchain, digital twin, to improve city living and tackle city challenges of our time."

I was representing the Innovation Cafe alongside with Keith Cheng, Head of Hong Kong Digitalization Hub, Siemens, were we were discussing how the open IoT-platform MindSphere can help transform industry data into insights and insights into valuable business.

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Here is a short video of the event highlights (source: Siemens Ltd.):

I'm very honored to support this Siemens initiative that aims to "bring smart future to Hong Kong" by teaching "Driving Digital Transformation for Industry Leaders" at the MindSphere Academy.

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