Coaching for Start-up Success

In Hong Kong, there is a huge demand for a growing innovation eco-system (see InvestHK) in order to secure the city’s competitiveness. Start-up founders make innumerable decisions every day under massive uncertainty and pressure. According to several sources, 9 out of 10 startups fail within their first few years. Although there are many accelerator and incubation programs in place in Hong Kong that help startups kick start their business, the strength and/or weakness of the management team is a defining factor.


We work side-by with tech-startups to strengthen their leadership foundation that helps them to survive and thrive in the face of adversity. Accelerator and Incubator programs are a great tool to connect the startup with external resources, but the internal resources are often left unchecked. This is where we come into play:

Imagine you were a start-up leader who could develop a product, pitch investors, and lead the team without the distraction or burden of fear, insecurity, doubt, or anxiety… 
How much better would you perform?
Well, this what we can help you with:

  • You might have great technical skills but need extra support with developing your leadership skills.

  • Leading a start-up comes with a lot of draw backs: investors reject your venture, employees disappoint you, you go two steps forward, one step back. Learn to turn every draw back into a learning experience rather than turning it onto yourself.

  • Free yourself from emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

  • Maintain the 4Ps for Start-up success: passion, purpose, perseverance, and personality

  • Build coherence of vision, purpose, and execution amongst all interested parties, ensuring strong relationships between teams and investors

  • Learn impactful communication skills, and delivering ideas with gravitas

  • Create a safe space to discuss struggles and brainstorm next steps

  • Empower the startup leader’s confidence and focus

  • Apply tools and methods for lean-startup development

  • Increase the speaker’s enthusiasm factor to deliver more memorable presentations that receive standing ovations, win awards, or raise capital.


Success is easier to accomplish through a B-idea with an A-team than the other way around… startups: build your A-team from the inside, investors: learn to identify A-teams for ROI.